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After interviewing at least 5 tree service companies it became obvious that Brother's Services was knowledgeable and professional. Angel measured heritage trees and informed me about how the city permit process work for heritage tree removals. When the permits arrived, the crew came out and worked full days trimming trees and removing trees and stumps that were hurting the foundation of the house. They were prompt, professional, clean and worked very hard. My yard looks perfect after they left. You cannot tell that there was ever a tree there. I would hire them again, and you should hire them, too.

Angel and his team exceeded my expectations beyond compare. This company is extremely customer-oriented. They just completed a massive project to remove 10 mature eucalyptus trees from my yard, including hauling, and stump removal and grinding.
The tree removal project required permits from San Mateo County - Angel made the permitting process easy - Since he is a certified arborist, he wrote a detailed arborist report that convinced the County that the project should go ahead. I was very glad that we did this project because it turned out that several of the trees were internally rotted.

Angel's team were methodical, professional, clearly very experienced and easy to work with. They worked around my schedule to accelerate the project and completed it exactly when they predicted. This was not a simple project - massive trees in an unstable state, many abutting the fence to neighboring properties and several growing close to my house. They removed the trees piece by piece so as to not damage anything. They have the equipment to accomplish safe and efficient ascent up into very tall trees. After they had finished, they even fixed an old dilapidated piece of fence in my yard at no extra charge and mulched the entire area. My yard looks absolutely pristine. I could not be happier with the work that they did.

Angel is responsive, knowledgeable, patient and very informative. He is very straight forward, sincere and easy to work with... Most importantly, he and his team met all commitments, trimmed multiple trees very nicely and conducted a thorough walk through after the work was done to ensure I was satisfied. I will definitely call Angel again!

Angel and his team were fantastic! I had Angel out to look at a tree we had that was looking very unhealthy. We decided to remove it, and Angel gave me a list of alternate trees I could plant there, that would do well, with the weather, sun, etc....
I then had his crew out to trim 4 large eucalyptus trees in our backyard. It was a big job that took the full day, but the yard was as clean as can be when they left! They also showed up on time for both jobs - which always gets a thumbs up in my book. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Excellent company! I interviewed 3 highly rated firms on Yelp for removing 2 trees. One company started out giving me a quote. decreased it several times while we we talking & yet still was more than the one quote given to me by Angel from Brothers. Furthermore, Angel was the only person of the 3 who talked about needing to contact USA to check for underground utility lines & that they would take care of it. Angel was also quick to return calls or emails & sent the requisite Insurance & Workers' Comp info quickly. After obtaining the necessary permit from Sunnyvale, I was able to schedule the removal fairly quickly.

First, they arrived promptly despite it looking like rain. Angel introduced me to Carlos & the crew and said he'd be back around noon when they were finished. Carlos & his work crew were amazing, very polite & safety conscientious -- Very impressed with the man in the tree climbing with spikes...he was very careful not only using the safety harness & ropes but also dropping the tree limbs as to not hurt any of the structures or coworkers. The crew worked very efficiently as a team. Another worker came into the yard on the other side of the wall to move the patio furniture out of the way & when the trees were removed, came back & put them back in place & swept the area, leaving it cleaner than before.

When they finished, at my request, they dumped the remaining mulch onto the area (no trips to Home Depot for bags of mulch, yay!) & even scooped what part was on the sidewalk onto the pile. They thoroughly cleaned the area & didn't leave a trace of debris. One last safety item was they blew off all the mulch debris on the truck so that other motorists wouldn't be hit with remnants of our tree.
Kudos & 5 Stars to Brothers. They really earn their praises!

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