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Trees have been our business since 2001. When it comes to tree and tree shrub planting, let us help you in finding out what tree to plant and how and where to plant it and most importantly how and how much to water it.

Our arborists work with you to help plant the right size tree for you as well as the right species that will thrive in your landscape. Factoring in local climate, soil conditions as well as short and long-term property goals.

Do it righ the first time, 80% of tree failure

Brothers services tree care inc. certified experts have years of knowledge about tree types, soils and proper planting techniques. With our tree planting services, we make sure that it is done correctly the first time.  80% of tree failures are due to improper planting. The roots need to breath and to grow out to support the growing tree.

Some of the important practices:

• Site and Tree Selection
• Site Preparation (hole, soil preparation)
• Handling and placement of the Root Ball.
• Water, water, water. (Did we mention water?)
• Mulching.
• Staking and guying when necessary.

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